Hammerkop Safaris was created with the vision of sharing and showing the wonders of the African continent with those who are eager to explore some of the world's most magnificent areas that combine pristine, natural beauty, incredible wildlife, cultural diversity, and remote and untamed wilderness.

Come with us and experience the true essence of Africa. Whether you want to plan the perfect honeymoon, the daring African adventure holiday, the ultimate African safari or a unique family vacation, Africa offers it all.

Hammerkop Safaris is here to offer you photographic African safaris, eco-tourism and adventure travel. All our trips are customized to our guests' specifications. So no two trips are alike. Whatever your special interest, we have something that will meet your needs. We do all the research, plan your itinerary, provide necessary information and cover all details. All you need to do is pack your bag and prepare for the African vacation of a lifetime. Hammerkop Safaris is run by people who know the African continent intimately. We have lived and travelled to many parts of Africa. We have also lived in the USA so we understand the special requirements an American traveller demands.

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